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With the support of key players, we're building the best tech startup team in the province to propel Quebec into the international limelight.

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We help companies achieve their export goals through custom action plans and special express access, all while providing top-notch expertise along the way.

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Why Quebec can hold its own with the rest of the world

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Quebec has all the assets to be the envy of the largest startup ecosystems in the world.

Why Quebec can hold its own with the rest of the world

Number of active startups in Quebec
+$94 G
Monetary value of Quebec startups on the market.
Number of local and international investors involved in the growth of Quebec startups.
Quebec ranks 1st worldwide for the number of AI engineers per million inhabitants.

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The Revelations 2024

Meet the startups teaming up with Québec Tech

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Phoenix Impact

Phoenix Impact helps reduce plastic waste produced by the life sciences sector by more than 80%. Our industrial washers allow lab consumables to be reconditioned and re-used, instead of being incinerated.



Geodar manufactures a smart sensor for excavators. The mission is to reduce the 228,000 excavation accidents caused by excavators to aqueducts, natural gas pipelines, and other public infrastructure during civil engineering work.



Modulate Technologies offers a fully automated design & manufacturing solution to create intelligent, 3D-printed, customized spinal orthoses (braces) for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders like pediatric scoliosis. Biomechanically optimized, they are more clinically reliable, comfortable and easier to wear than the standard of treatment.



Trampoline AI automates information management and knowledge retention in technology service companies, thus increasing the hourly profitability of employees. Trampoline connects employees ' questions with internal experts and all of the company ' s information systems (Teams, SharePoint, Drive, Slack, Confluence, etc.) to provide them with highly relevant information in less than a second, wherever they are.



NovoPower International systems produce power from industrial waste heat, reducing energy bills and GHG emissions for its customers.

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